Hair Bangs

To Have Bangs or Not to Have Bangs?
By Lisa L.

Hillary Duff curly bangsThe most common debate when choosing a hairstyle is if you want bangs or not. Bangs already have made their debut on the runways. Full-layered bangs cut just below the eyebrow without too many wisps are how they’re wearing it. It’s a convenient way to wear them or hide them if you pull your hair back. They're full and shaped straight across blending the side layers into your style. They are also the easiest bangs to grow out.

A trip in between haircuts might be necessary to maintain your bang but it's all worth it. All change is good and these bangs are really low maintenance. You can leave them to dry on their own, since they have a little weight they will fall more natural as they dry. Or blow dry them moulding them into shape with a brush.

Use a big ceramic round brush lean forward and take the bangs on the brush rolling the brush forward as your dry your bangs. When your bangs dry use a shaping/styling aid to put them in place. Another way to achieve a nice shaped sexy bang is just before doing the front round brush manoeuvre with a bristle brush dries your bangs in the opposite direction that they fall. This technique is called over-directing and when your hair is semi brush it back into place.

When you do tire of them you will be able to grow them out evenly. If you went with a wispy style you could layer them and they would already have a little length to them. It's a win-win situation.

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